Saturday, October 16, 2010

Meeting Salad Lives

Over a year ago, I wrote a post called "Meeting Salad" about how to keep meeting notes organized. I was inspired to buy the domain, and intended to do something with it when I had time.

Well, I'll never have time, but as it turns out our IT Director bought a couple of iPads to try out, and presented me with one. Laptops have never been satisfactory as note-taking machines for me in meetings--they're too big and clicky, have to be plugged in, and so forth. But an iPad...that's another matter.

So I copied my current version of openIGOR and cut it down to just do the notes thing. I had already built a forms solution, which I wrote about recently, so it only took a couple of hours to get everything working. It isn't pretty:

From the menu, you can add or replace an html form, but mostly what you want to do is view them:

Here you can see there are forms for two different groups, both called Meeting Notes (same form). The bottom one has five instances of form data. Here's what the form looks like with data in it (which you can get by clicking on the appropriate one).

I can see I need to add a title, to keep track of them all, but that's no big deal. There's a transaction history at the top. You can open and edit a form as often as you like, and it keeps track of all the changes, so you could roll it back or play them like a movie (although that's not built in at this point).

This version's on the public internet at If you want to play with it, email me. The actual version I use will be on our internal IGOR installation. It works pretty well on the iPad. The green's already getting old, though.

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