Thursday, October 28, 2010

Creating Word Clouds

I just came across Wordle for creating word clouds out of a text source. It's very neat, flexible, and free. As an example, I took a chapter for a book I wrote on authentic assessment and pasted it into the Wordle input. Here's the result.

This could be used with program plans or reports, curriculum maps, or other input sources to create attention-getters that also have some content--the larger words are the ones most frequent in the source.

You can change fonts, colors, formating, and even eliminate words (by clicking on them) to adjust the output.

I created another one on the blog for my novel that you can see here. For that I took an entire novella and pasted it into the input.


  1. David -- my daughter ( middle school English teacher0 introduced me to this and I am waiting for the opportunity to use it. You have given some good ideas for use.

  2. Thanks for the note! Please share when you get a cool design.