Saturday, April 10, 2010

2010 Atlantic Assessment Conference

I'm co-presenting two talks on Monday at the 2010 AAC.

CS22 (10:30am): Ubiquitous Core Skills Assessment with Kaye Crook. Presentation is here.

The mission and general education goals of Coker College include a common list of "core skills": effective speaking, effective writing, analytical thinking, and creative thinking. For six years Coker has assessed these across the whole curriculum using a simple faculty driven method. Methods, results, and uses will be discussed. Note that the method is based on direct familiarity with student work; assessing a section of 300 students wouldn't work, so this is most suitable for smaller schools.

CS36 (3:15pm): Strategic Planning and Stakeholder Analysis with Kelli Rainey.  Presentation is here.

Johnson C. Smith University is in the process of transforming itself. We will give an overview in this session of the planning processes we are using, including stakeholder analysis, logic models, strategic benchmarking, project management, and the data systems that track these.

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