Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ed Tech Blogs

This is just a pointer to a nice list of K-12 Education Technology blogs, courtesy of EdTech. [link]

Browsing through the links, I found out about The Leap. Watch the video:

And also an idea apparently from Apple called Challenge Learning [pdf]. Excerpt:

Challenge Based Learning provides:
  • A flexible framework with multiple entry points
  • A scalable model with no proprietary systems or subscriptions
  • A focus on global challenges with local solutions
  • An authentic connection between academic disciplines and real world experience
  • A framework and workflow to develop 21st century skills
  • The purposeful use of technology for researching, analyzing, organizing, 
  • collaborating, communicating, publishing and reflecting.
  • The opportunity for learners to do something important now, rather than waiting until they are finished with their schooling
  • The documentation and assessment of the learning experience from challenge to solution
  • An environment for deep reflection on teaching and learning
  • A process that places students in charge of their learning
This sounds a lot like where I have been headed. The only thing missing is the connection to a professional portfolio.

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