Sunday, September 12, 2010

Assessment Philosophy Prezi

I put together a Prezi for an upcoming talk, rather than digging out some tired powerpoint slides. If you don't know Prezi, check it out. There's a very reasonable educational license for the full product, but you get a lot for free.

The idea is to describe the yin and yang character of assessment: the scientific ambition of measuring and demonstrating improvement in learning versus a more modest aim to create a culture that values learning and pays attention to what observation is telling us. In the presentation I term these "Demonstrated Improvement" versus "Intentional Evolution." There are techniques and language that belong to both, and in implementation, some that fall in between. This last category would include things like student portfolios, which can be used for rubricked (if that's a word), sliced and diced number crunching, or messier assessment through observation and discussion.

I intend to do a voice-over for this thing when I get the chance. That's new to me, and our web guy recommended a product from Techsmith called Camtasia that I'll try out. I use the free version of their Jing all the time.

Here's the Prezi:

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