Wednesday, May 05, 2010

More FACS Facts

Following up on this morning's post--we're now over 1400 ratings.  I had lots of meetings today with faculty and had chances to urge them in person to do the survey.

I spent some time working on the reporting functions, and added GPA to the bars.  They're in red below, above the average credits earned. 

I dug up an old piece of Perl code that I used before to calculate reliability, and stuck it in the reporter too.  The results are eye-opening.  I'm used to 50% match probabilities.  These are well above that.

Reliability: Probability of two instructors matching ratings on a student

Effective Writing80.9%21
Effective Speaking76%32

The next thing to do is write code to compute all the covariances between the five assessed traits, GPA, and credits earned.  I started to think about doing that tonight, but ended up just making the graphs prettier instead.  

I also got back my presentation evaluations from the Atlantic Assessment Conference for the two sessions I did.  They are very good for a change.  Maybe I've found the right formula.  I finally learned that people don't care about theory.  So this time we just packed the time with applications, and that seemed to go over well.  Oh, and they finally had a microphone. That might explain the whole increase right there.  Sigh.

Every once in a while I'll get a comment about my tone being cynical, which surprises me.  I like to joke around some, and not take it all too seriously (especially myself), but not everyone reads that the way I intend.

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