Sunday, May 03, 2009

Assessment Reference Book

I have a chapter in a new reference book on assessment. Here is the information, so you can buy one for all your friends for the holidays. Imagine the faces of your colleagues lighting up with joy as they unwrap the weighty tome that is:

Handbook of Research on Assessment Technologies, Methods, and Applications in Higher Education

ISBN: 978-1-60566-667-9; 500 pp; May 2009

Published under the imprint Information Science Reference (formerly Idea Group Reference)

Edited by: Christopher S. Schreiner, University of Guam, Guam


Educational institutions across the globe have begun to place value on the technology of assessment instruments as they reflect what is valued in learning and deemed worthy of measurement.

The Handbook of Research on Assessment Technologies, Methods, and Applications in Higher Education combines in-depth, multi-disciplinary research in learning assessment to provide a fresh look at its impact on academic life. A significant reference source for practitioners, academicians, and researchers in related fields, this Handbook of Research contains not only technological assessments, but also technologies and assumptions about assessment and learning involving race, cultural diversity, and creativity.


"There is a stunning range of inquiry in this well-edited book, which certainly exceeds the bounds of the usual handbook in so far as it is always readable and stimulating. Every department chair and assessment coordinator needs a copy, but so do faculty members seeking to get aboard the assessment train that has already left the station. Bravo to IGI Global and the editor for gathering such exceptional essays and articles under one cover!"

- Dr. Michel Pharand, The Disraeli Project, Queen's University, Canada



Assessment applications and initiatives

Assessment technologies and instruments

Collaborations for writing program assessment

Communication workshops and e-portfolios

Creativity assessment in higher education

Effective technologies to assess student learning

Faculty-focused environment for assessment

Instructional delivery formats

Method development for assessing a diversity goal

Multi-tier design assessment

Reporting race and ethnicity in international assessment

Technology of writing assessment and racial validity

For more information about Handbook of Research on Assessment Technologies, Methods, and Applications in Higher Education, you can view the title information sheet at To view the Table of Contents and a complete list of contributors online go to You can also view the first chapter of the publication at

Christopher S. Schreiner is Professor of English and Chair of the Division of English and Applied Linguistics at the University of Guam. Before teaching on Guam, he was Professor of Literature at Fukuoka Women’s University in Japan, and Professor of Integrated Arts and Sciences at Hiroshima University. He has coordinated assessment for the Division of English and Applied Linguistics in preparation for the WASC visit, and authored the summary assessment report for the grant-funded Project HATSA in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Guam. One of his recent articles, “Scanners and Readers: Digital Literacy and the Experience of Reading” appeared in the IGI Global book, Technology and Diversity in Higher Education (2007).

This copy courtesy of the publisher.

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