Friday, January 02, 2009

Higher Ed News Page

I have an html document on my desktop that contains my most-used links. I find this easier to use and quicker than the bookmark system. But still, it would be nice to have my higher ed news sources all in one spot, I thought. I used to use regularly to browse RSS feeds, but at some point my cookies must have expired because I lost all my feeds. Also, you can't log in from a different computer, so it's limited. However, it's very slick, and if you want a starter set of higher ed feeds (audaciously including my own blog), go to 24eyes to get a starter page and then click this link to create the Higher Ed tab. I renamed the original "entertainment" tab, and their server still thinks that's what it is. It's not--it's higher ed news with a technology slant. Note: 24eyes currently has a DNS issue in that you have to have the "www" in front or it won't route properly. This is a problem because the automated URLs from the site lack the prefix.

I created a plain HTML file with the same feeds here. It's not pretty but it works. It tried for a good half hour to get rid of the underlining using CSS, but gave up. Enjoy!

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