Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Back from Orlando

The SACS conference was short (for me) but sweet. I've learned over the last few years how to get the most out of it. Rule #1 is don't miss the round table discussions, and get there early. I forgot to get a wake-up call for Monday and almost overslept.

I ran into several old and new friends and colleagues, but didn't have nearly enough time to socialize and talk shop over a glass of wine. My wife and daughter came along on this trip in order to take advantage of the theme parks, so I spent some time driving them around.

The shuttle launch alone was worth the trip. There's something about seeing it in person that's very moving. I went out to the parkinglot about 10 minutes before launch and, like a few other people, asked the staff for the general direction to look. I kept looking at my watch and squinting at the horizon to see a blip of light. I needn't have bothered. Half the sky lit up in orange, and the rocket was almost too bright to look at.

I talked to several experienced folks about the 3.3.1 standard, and confirmed for myself that it really isn't being applied as written. I included that in my presentation. You can see the slides and copious notes if you look here.

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